Are Joint Birthday Parties a Good Idea?

It can seem like the best idea.  Your child and a couple of his/her friends have birthdays around similar times, why not pool resources and hold a joint party?

We have seen and entertained at many joint parties over the years and we know there are a number of pros and cons you must consider before making this decision.  We’ll outline them all below to help you make the best decision.

Will it save me money?

This can be a very valid reason for holding a joint party.  Birthdays can be expensive, right? By joining together with another family, you can split the costs of the venue, entertainment, food, party bags, etc.

If the two children concerned have similar friends at school, it might not increase your numbers invited by that much, but do bear in mind that you may end up inviting more people than if there is just one birthday child.  They may have different friendship groups, friends from outside school and siblings/cousins.  This can start to push the costs up again as you may end up inviting almost double the amount of children than you would have done originally.  The savings then on food and party bags will disappear.


Do they like the same things?

If you have two birthday children with very different interests (e.g., one is active and sporty and the other likes quieter activities), then it might be very difficult to find the right entertainment that they will both enjoy. This can lead to one child feeling left out and unsure, so do consider whether their interests are so different that it might be hard to make it work.


Joint birthday parties. Young boy and girl laughing

Joint birthday parties can work and be double the fun. There are just some important things you have to consider.

Do you and the other parents have the same ideas?

Teaming up with another family can be great for halving the workload and planning for a birthday party, but do consider whether they have the same ideas in terms of costs. Also make it clear who is responsible for doing what jobs in the run-up, so that nothing gets missed out.


Will they still feel special?

At Magic 4 Children, we have worked hard over the years to develop different formulas for parties where there is one birthday child and two birthday children.  In doing this, we can ensure that both birthday children feel special and there isn’t one child feeling they are focused on less than the other.

Beyond two birthday children, we feel it is almost impossible to still do this, and that is why we don’t take bookings for joint parties with three or more birthday children.  Whether you are hiring an entertainer or not, it is still very important to consider whether having too many birthday children will dilute the special day at all. We would always advise that 2 birthday children should be the maximum to ensure a really special party.

So in essence, joint birthday parties can work and be double the fun, but you do need to consider the interests and friendship groups of the two children involved.  Just because they have birthdays at the same time of the year, it doesn’t mean they will like the same things. Also, consider carefully whether the benefits will outweigh any negatives as your child only gets one birthday a year and you always want to make that as special as possible.

If you feel that Magic 4 Children could help make the birthday child’s day even more special, then do take a look at our party packages.