Your venue is already booked and we can't accommodate your party slot. What now?

Some thoughts I’d like to share with you regarding venues.

If your venue is not flexible or able to accommodate the time slot, can I suggest that you look for another venue.

Here’s why...

Venues are much easier to find than an entertainer that will keep the children engaged and can guarantee a stress-free party experience for you.

When the children enter the venue they are engaged with the entertainer and won’t even notice their surroundings. They will use the facilities for 10% of the time when they are at the party and that is when they are eating. The rest of the time, they will be interacting with the entertainer and having the best time ever.

Now the thing is, if you book an entertainer that is not able to keep the children engaged, you could have the party in a palace and it would hugely stressful for you as they will be running around, screaming.

Magic 4 Children guarantee that we will keep the kids entertained from beginning to end of your party.