Do you customise your show?

I personalise each show - I will make reference to whatever your child likes during the games and magic show and match that with what they find interesting and personalise it to them.

However, I do not customise or theme my show.

The reason for this is that the show I present has been perfected and fine-tuned over the years for maximum participation and enjoyment for all the audiences that I perform to, guaranteeing a successful performance every time.

This includes the ‘patter’ - the words I say during the performance as well as all the music that is used in the show. They have been practised and streamlined so that I can give my absolute best to every performance. As soon as I present or include material that is not part of the usual performance I have no idea how that is going to be perceived or how successful it may be.

I do multiple shows in a weekend and due to the sheer number of performance I do, I am unable to theme or specialise every show - I would end up doing a new show every week! And then the success of the shows would not be certain.