The children have seen you recently. Do you do a different show?

The short answer is ‘No’ and here’s why…

Children LOVES repetition. Just look at their TV watching behaviours and you will see that your child happily sits and watch the same programme again and again and AGAIN!

The same is true for my show… If they want me at their party, they want to see the same show.

How do we know? 

From 25 years’ experience.

I get booked for the same schools' year after year, often up to three times the same year - that is the same group of children seeing me again and again.

The same is true for parties. The kids love it. At almost every party I do, there are children that have seen me before. They know exactly what to expect, and more importantly, they know they can have fun from the minute they arrive.

I once questioned this and changed the show when I knew that the same group of kids will be at a party I was booked for. This was disastrous… the birthday child wanted to know where all the tricks were that she so looked forward to seeing again. So I ended up having to pretty much do two shows…