Having a joint party for children of different ages?

We do not offer a joint party package for children with more than a two year age difference.

Here is why…

As I am sure you know that what your older child finds entertaining i.e. the kind of games he/she plays and the TV programs he/she enjoys are totally different from what keeps the younger child engaged.

This is also true for live performances, especially at birthday parties as you will essentially have two groups at your party - the older child’s friends and the younger child’s friends.

There is very little to no entertainment that would appeal to both age groups in the same way, so you stand the chance of losing all the kids attention and engage no one. If you aim to entertain the older group, you will lose the little ones and vice versa.

In all our 25 + years of experience we have not been able to successfully deliver a performance that we feel meet our standards and you would feel was worth your money when the age gap is greater than two years.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality entertainment and when we feel that we would not be able to do that, we would rather not do it at all. We are not in the business of taking people’s money, but to provide the best possible party experience for you and the birthday star.

We would highly advice reconsidering your party to make it exclusively for the one or the other to ensure you get the best value for money or consider a different type of party.

I hope that this advice is useful for you to make sure you choose the best party experience possible for your children.