Why are some venues not suitable for a kids party?

We have worked in literally hundreds of venues over the last 25 years and have learned that some venues are simply not suitable for a kids birthday party.

Here’s why...

For us to be able to deliver our best possible service, guarantee value for money and make your party an unforgettable experience for you and your child, we need certain conditions. These conditions are easily met with a little bit of planning and consideration of the type of venue you have in mind for your party.

Have a look at the below examples and things to look out for in your venue search.

What makes a good venue?

Size (smaller is better than bigger), sound (acoustics), accessibility, lighting and layout (rectangular shaped is best).

Typical good venues include church halls, community centres, village halls, some scout huts and some sport clubs (tennis, cricket and bowling clubs).

What makes a bad venue?

Upstairs with no lift access, large echoey rooms, dark rooms with no windows or low lighting and odd shaped rooms i.e. long and narrow or square rooms.

Typical bad venues include (but not exclusively) pubs and social clubs, most (but not all) scout huts, town halls, some sport clubs and restaurants.

This is a very broad generalisation and there are exceptions to these examples set out above.

A good venue can make a good party great and similarly a bad venue can ruin your party experience, despite having great entertainment.

Let me share a story with you…

I was booked to do a 4th birthday party in a social club. When I arrived I realised that the venue is not suitable. It was dark - very dark and it was huge.
The children started arriving and quite frankly they were scared. The size and insufficient lighting was just too much for them to bare and they were unable to relax and enjoy the party. As a result, the party felt disjointed and I was unable to deliver my best as I had to spend a large part of my time reassuring the children and trying them to relax and enjoy the party.

Another big factor to consider is the sound in the room. Is it noisy and echoey?
It may be when you go and see the venue you may not notice it because it is just you and the room organiser there. But clap your hands and listen. Does it echo? When you talk, is it noisy?
Imagine 30 kids, laughing and having a great time with an entertainer working over a PA system and 30 - 40 adults having casual conversation… Add maybe a crying baby in there… How does that sound?
In echoey venues a party is very noisy and will probably have you and everyone leave the party with a pounding headache…

Choose your party venue carefully.

Have a look at this article about party venues (included are lists of some venues in Liverpool Cheshire and Manchester that we have done parties in)