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Doodle the lady entertainer

Kids Magician & Disco, ages 4 – 6

Doodle is a lady kids magician who stands apart from other children’s entertainers as her package is specially developed to appeal to the 4 to 6 year old age group. Check if your date is still available, click here.

Two fantastic packages to choose from give you choice of either a full hour of magic and games or a whole party package complete with a magic show and a childrens disco and loads of interaction.

“Finley loved every minute of the show especially where he got to take part in a trick with his best friend Lewis. Having Doodle there made it less stressfull for me! Many Thanks” Finley’s Mum

4 to 6 year old parties are ideal for a lady magician as young ones relate to a softer approach which means they feel more comfortable and are able to fully engage in the show.  Doodle the lady children’s entertainer delights children in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and the North West.

Doodle and Monkey

Specialist kids magician package ideal for the 4 to 6 year old party.
The kids magician show combines magical stories, comedy antics, musical games and balloon animals making this show a winner.

“Bradley thoroughly enjoyed being the star of the show and all the children had a wonderful time participating in all the activities. It truly made Bradley `s first Birthday party very special. Bradley’s party entertainment  was the topic of conversation with all the mums at school yesterday as they were impressed with the way that the children stayed focused.”
Bradley’s Mum

Doodle the lady entertainer

Doodle presents a fast paced children’s magic and activity show where your child is the star, the magic show is full of colour and animation and includes balloon animals for the special helpers.
Doodle combines classic magic tricks with her own comedy twist to make a childrens magic show that has the 4 to 6 year olds rolling with laughter as they become fully immersed in enjoyment. For a full breakdown of the packages and pricing, click here.

“Chris and I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and hard work on Sunday at Rosie’s party. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed it and yesterday morning on the school run we had so many parents commending you and asking us for your details.”
– Rosie’s Mum

The kids magician show features a very naughty magic wand, Goldilocks and the Three Elephants, colouring in party magic where everyone helps to magically colour the picture and the World’s Greatest Birthday Magic Trick, where the birthday star does the magic. Doodle’s show is full of comedy, silliness and participation as the children take part in a truly magical, musical party experience with games.
Doodle’s full party package has all the fun of the magic and activity show combined with the Magic 4 Children disco experience where DJ Doodle leads the children in fun, dance games set to music complete with disco lights.

“Monty had a brilliant time and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times the parents have commented on how good it all was.
Monty and his cousins came back to the house talking and laughing about the tricks you performed and a few of the parents have already asked for your website address as their children have requested the same.
Thank you once again for a tremendous day.”

– Monty’s Mum

doodle entertaining kids in Warrington

One size does not fit all!!
That’s why Doodle specialises in children’s entertainment for 4 to 6 year olds, see the faces of the children as she fully captivates them and holds their attention. Doodle knows what works for this age group. Watch your child double up with laughter as Doodle involves them in a special birthday trick and see the friends participating and loving the party.

Doodle is a true professional with over ten years of specialist 4 to 6 year old party entertainment, she is always on time and your child’s enjoyment is her priority.

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“Just wanted to say a big thank you again for Gemma’s party yesterday. Colette or should I say ‘Doodle’ did an excellent job of entertaining the girls.  A good time was had by all – I’ve never seen so many lit up happy little faces!”
Gemma’s Mum
Why choose Doodle?

  • Specialist age appropriate show packages
  • A lady entertainer that children feel comfortable with and can relate to
  • Amazing kids magician show with colour and stories for the young ones
  • Childrens disco and magician show package
  • Local lady childrens entertainer for Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and the North West
  • Enhanced CRB
  • Colourful, energetic and passionate
  • Experienced entertainer for children with special needs
  • Patient, kind and understanding

Children’s entertainer for special needs children

Doodle has a wealth of experience in as an entertainer for children with complex and special needs.

“Neil and I loved the fact that whilst we were watching we could see the delight and hear the lovely laughter of Sarah enjoying her party.  Sarah is dyslexic and as dyspraxia and finds it sometimes difficult to pay attention or in particular sit for very long, well she didn’t have to because you made the children part of the magic and the entertainment and it was lovely to see. 
I  think part of your brilliant rapport with the children is your calming manner and how you are so in-tune with the children. You seem to know when to move on or stay with something a little longer letting them enjoy the moment. All the best,” 
– Sarah’s Mum

Doodle has personal experience in her family as well as many years experience in working in health and social care specialising with children with special needs.