Birthday Parties in December: Are They a Good Idea?

We all know that December is a hectic time for most families.  The buildup to Christmas with all the nativity plays, carol concerts, Christmas fairs, visits to Santa, etc. fills all diaries quite quickly and often months in advance. Plus, there will be Christmas parties to attend, both at school and various clubs, and more and more workplaces are holding Christmas parties for their workforce and their families. This can make it really tricky to hold birthday parties in December and pick a date that works.

Generally birthday parties in December are quite poorly attended, as children will have a pretty hectic schedule full of Christmas events to attend.
If your child’ birthday is in December and you decide to hold a party for them, you will find that you are up against a lot of competition, both in terms of hiring a quality entertainer and a venue.  We find that all our entertainers get booked up earlier than usual, as companies, clubs, organisations, charities and schools book entertainment for Christmas parties as far as a year in advance.  They also book all the venues and halls for this period, again usually quite far in advance.

Even if you do manage to book an entertainer and a venue, we find that generally birthday parties in December are quite poorly attended, as children will have a pretty hectic schedule full of Christmas events to attend. And as much as it is a fun and magical time of the year, it can also be quite overwhelming and tiring for children including the birthday child, who has the double excitement of their birthday and the run-up to Christmas.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom and it doesn’t mean that if your child has a December birthday, you can’t celebrate in style.  We have a solution!

Have your party in either November or January!

You will have the pick of party entertainers and venues. Plus, more of your children’s friends will be available to attend. You will also have a less stressful time planning as you won’t have to organise and remember all the Christmas events that you are bound to have in the diary.

alternative to December birthday parties

For more guests, more fun, and less stress, consider celebrating your child’s December birthday in November or January. This would also make them feel as if they have double birthdays, which many children would thank their lucky stars for.

Aside from these, having your party in November or January will spread out the excitement for the birthday child. They will be less overwhelmed and it will actually give them more chance to enjoy their birthday as it won’t be amongst all the Christmas celebrations.

It will effectively give them TWO birthdays, and what child wouldn’t love that opportunity? Parents often get quite “hung up” about not having their child’s party on the nearest weekend to their birthday, but to a child, it really doesn’t matter when it is.  As long as they have all their friends and some great entertainment, they are delighted, and the chances of that happening are higher if you avoid December.

ANOTHER IDEA: we have seen some parents throwing a half-year birthday party for their child. That means holding the birthday party in the summer instead.  This can spread out the excitement, and also the inevitable mountain of presents that will come from birthday party guests and then from Santa too.

If you do decide that it is wise to hold your child’s December birthday party in November or January, then do book early. Many parents have already adopted this strategy, making January one of our busiest birthday party months of the year.

If you would like to see how we can help your child’s party go off with a bang at any time of the year, do take a look at our party packages.