Children’s Entertainment for Schools

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Magic 4 Children offer a variety of educational and entertaining packages for Primary Schools. You can find out more about them on our website, but our May blog will also give you an insight into the positive impact we can have in schools.

Professional Kids Entertainment in Schools

Magic 4 Children have been entertaining children for over 25-years. All of our entertainers are highly trained, mature professionals and fully CRB/DBS checked. Our party packages for schools are suitable for children from reception through to the last years of school, whether you are welcoming a new cohort of children to your school or saying goodbye to the ones leaving for high school we have all of your celebration and entertainment needs covered with our exciting variety of school entertainment packages.

Childrens Entertainer in Peterborough

45-Minute Magic Show 

The perfect way to end the school year for summer or celebrate Christmas, Eid, Diwali or another special occasion, our fun-packed 45-Min Magic Shows are brilliant entertainment and create lifelong memories. The show is packed full of magic tricks which will have your students gasping with shock, jokes and comedy which will leave your audience rolling around with laughter, engaging stories which will leave everyone on the edge of their seats and depending on your entertainer, there is even time for special visits from 'Mickey Monkey' or exciting juggling routines and balloon animals!

This is the perfect end of term treat for children aged between 3-8 years old and it can be delivered as a small class party in each classroom, or better yet, why not get all of the school together in the hall for a spectacular spectacle of magic and (controlled) mayhem!


Magic Lesson for Kids

Magic Lessons 

Our 1-hour 'Mega Magic Masterclass' is aimed at children aged 9-12. Key Stage 2 children sometimes feel like they’re too old for a Magic Show, so our answer to this is a Magic Lesson. The staff and students get to learn from our most experienced entertainer, 'Freddie Fantastic', what it takes to be a master magician. Freddie performs a trick and then encourages the children to guess how it worked and try and catch him out. It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. Freddie then teaches everyone how to perform the trick themselves. By the end of the lesson, the children are stars of the show, demonstrating their magic in front of each other and showing off their showmanship. The impact is transformative - confidences grow, new hobbies start and children benefit from the concentration and commitment needed to achieve each trick.....The staff get a kick out of it too!


Education through Entertainment

Mindfulness Workshops for children

The Magic of Mindfulness 

With 4 different programmes available and suitable from EYFS right up to Year 6, 'The Magic of Mindfulness' teaches children how to use mindfulness to feel calmer and happier, more in control of their emotions, whilst improving their attention. Our Magic Kindness and Magic Friendship sessions help them to be kinder to themselves and other people and create and sustain strong and healthy friendships. This programme is a must for any school wanting to support pupil wellbeing and meets the needs of the Relationships Education curriculum. 

We use a careful combination of magic tricks and puppetry to engage the children and help explain and introduce the concept of mindfulness. We use mindfulness themed games and exercises to encourage the children to practice what they have learned. We even teach and guide the students through various yoga poses and breathing exercises to reinforce and prove the positive effects of a regular mindfulness practice.

In a busy world, we could all do with The Magic of Mindfulness and the younger we can teach these methods to children, the better.

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If you work in education or you are a parent and would like to recommend us to your child’s school, then please get in touch. You can contact Craig on 07708767898 or email   

We write a new blog each month and would love to include information and guidance that helps you the most. So, if you have any requests or want advice or additional support for you or your child/children, please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to help. 

We’ll leave you with this thought for the day: 

"Teach children to be calm and positive while they are children and they will grow into calm and positive adults." 


- The Magic 4 Children Team