Why a children’s outdoor party is not a good idea

Children's-birthday-party-entertainmentAs we are now in the summer months you would be forgiven for thinking that a children’s outdoor party would be the perfect choice for a summer birthday.  After all, what could be more idyllic than all the children playing out in the garden or park?  Although it sounds perfect there are a number of reasons why if you want your birthday party entertainment to go off without a hitch, a children’s outdoor party is not the way to go.

1.The Weather!

Most of the birthday party entertainment we do is in the areas of Cheshire and Manchester.  Famous for some great football teams but I can’t say we’ve ever topped a league table for great weather!  Whilst I have sat writing this article the weather has gone from clouds, to heavy downpours, to sunshine, back to heavy downpours and this is right in the middle of Flaming June! The sad fact is the weather is just not predictable enough to hold a children’s party outside. The met office say the North West gets about 200 wet days a year.  Windy conditions can also be a problem, especially if you are planning any form of birthday party entertainment. Even a gentle breeze can cause props to blow away in a magic show which can ruin the effect.

Cheshire childrens entertainers outdoor partyIf it is not raining or windy then we can get the other extreme – a heatwave.  In those extreme conditions it is simply not safe to have children sat outside watching a magic show on any other type of birthday party entertainment for up to 2 hours.  You run the risk of at least very irritable children due to the heat, or at worst sunburn and sunstroke.  It is much more practical (and less stressful!) to hold your party indoors whatever time of the year and if the weather surprises us by being nice, have the birthday tea as a picnic outside for a shorter period of time.


At Magic 4 Children we only hire the best children’s entertainers around, but even though they are great at their job, children’s outdoor parties can present unnecessary problems that are just not there when you use an indoor venue. Firstly garden toys, such as trampolines can provide a huge distraction.  They are also designed for one or two children to play on at any one time. The average party we entertain at can have anywhere between 20 – 30 children, so you can imagine that garden toys can quickly become unsafe with that many children wanting to have a go.

Outdoor children's party entertainmentSecondly, bugs and insects can become a problem.  Many children are frightened of them, so if a wasp buzzes through a magic show, chaos can ensue that even the most experienced and talented children’s entertainer would be hard pressed to control.  Worse still if children get stung this can put a real dampener on the party and not something you as the hosts will probably want to deal with.

3. Logistics

If you have hired children’s entertainers or some form of birthday party entertainment then the likelihood is they will need some form of electricity for their PA system and microphone.  Great if you have an outdoor power supply, but if not extension cables will need to be run from inside which can prevent a trip hazard. Also with the unpredictable weather we have in the UK and rain only a heartbeat away in Cheshire and Manchester, having electrical items outside and plugged in can be a worrying prospect when a rain shower hits.

Our advice, if you are hiring in any form of birthday party entertainment, would be to have them set up inside.  This will guarantee a more successful party where the entertainer has the children’s full attention in an ambient temperature.  If by luck you get a day with perfect weather then by all means have a picnic tea outside, and your entertainer may be able to do some bubble blowing outside at the end to round the party off.

Whatever form of birthday party entertainment you book always ask the entertainers what they advise for the venue you have.  They are the experts and will only be too happy to advise to make your children’s birthday party a great success!