Spotlight on Mr Mojo: Children’s Party Magician – Warrington

It’s time to introduce you to Mr Mojo, the best children’s party magician in Warrington and surrounding areas! Mr Mojo does a fantastic comedy magic show designed to keep 4- to 9-year-olds captivated. Read on to find out his favourite magic trick, how he likes to relax and his top tips for a successful party.

How long have you been a children’s party magician?

Ooh.  I might have to use both fingers and toes to count up this one (pauses while he counts his fingers and toes). Actually,  I need your hand too to finish counting. Done it! I have been a children’s party magician for 23 years!
What is your favourite thing about being a children’s party magician?

It sounds like a cliché but making people happy is truly my favourite thing about being a children’s party magician. You can’t beat the feeling of knowing that you’ve helped make that child’s birthday one to remember.
What or who was your biggest influence to become a magician?

Just watching amazing magic on TV.  From the likes of Paul Daniels to David Copperfield to modern-day magicians like Dynamo, there is always something new to learn or be inspired by.
What is your favourite magic trick?

I do love performing my routine with Axtell’s Magic Drawing Board. To see the children’s faces as the picture comes to life is amazing. It really is a routine that stretches their imagination and makes them think anything is possible, which is what magic is all about.
What is the funniest/most memorable thing that has happened whilst you have been entertaining at a party?

There are too many to mention. Most parties a child will come up with something hilarious. Watching them dance is always great fun! There are some great movers and I think some of them have learnt their best quality moves from their dads!
What is your favourite party game?

I like Corners as it is quick to set up. Any age can play and potentially be the winner and you can change it to suit any theme.
What is your favourite party food?

It has to be the classic—jelly and ice cream.
When you are not entertaining at a children’s birthday party, how does Mr Mojo like to relax?

I am a big sports fan so when I am not at a children’s birthday party, I love watching sports. My favourites are golf and football.
What is your top tip for a successful birthday party?

Getting the birthday child to know you before the party starts by talking to them. I find this relaxes them knowing you are a friendly person. Even for the most confident of children, a birthday party where they are the centre of attention with all their friends there can be overwhelming.  If I have got to know them a bit for 5 minutes before the party starts, they feel much more relaxed and know I am on their side to make this their best birthday yet.
If you would like Mr Mojo to come and spread some magic at your child’s next birthday party, then do get in touch and take a look at his page for more information.