Alderley Edge Festival Hall

Alderley Edge Festival Hall

The Festival Hall, Talbot Rd, Alderley Edge, Cheshire East SK9 7HR

Contact details
Telephone: 01625 582 150
Mobile: 07435967668
The Festival Hall in Alderley Edge is a good venue for a kid’s party if you are looking for plenty of parking and lots of space for the children to run around.


At first glance the parking appears to be a pay and display car park run by the council however I noted that the management of the Festival hall have the ability to limit access to the car parking for guests of your party only. This means your guests won’t be fighting for a parking space and the time I spent there, there was no need to pay or display. I noted there are dedicated parking spaces to the back of the hall labelled for staff only; I parked in one of these spaces.


The Festival hall in Alderley Edge is used for hosting massive concerts and music festivals so getting in and out with your party decorations and food will be no problem at all. I parked at one of the side doors and was easily able to load my equipment for the children’s party show.

Suitability as a kid’s party venue

Wow this is a big hall. That can be great for children running around but the downside is a large venue can feel cold and empty when there is too much space.

There is an echo from the high ceilings when the hall is empty, I am sure when it is full of people the acoustics are fantastic but with 30 to 40 children at a birthday party be prepared for the echo which does make the party seem quite loud.
I would usually not recommend a large venue for a children’s party however the Festival Hall does work well as they have smaller side stages on either side of the venue that make a great place for a children’s entertainer to setup. There is a slightly raised area and easy access to power. I did note that there were two sets of stairs leading from the main hall down to a lower level area; I chose to block these areas as I saw them as potential hazards for children potentially stumbling down them in the excitement of the disco part of the party. A few simple chairs block this area so no big deal really but good to be aware of it.
The Festival Hall has an upstairs area which is carpeted and makes for a great place to serve the birthday food. When I performed at a 5th birthday party at the hall we did an hour of games and magic in the main hall area and then the children went upstairs to enjoy their food. This formula seemed to work very well however I found I had to cordon off some areas in the main hall using chairs to keep the party more compact and cosy.


The Festival Hall has a kitchen so warming food for the party should not be an issue. There are plenty of tables and chairs available either upstairs in the carpeted area or downstairs if required.

The Festival Hall building itself is stunning with a rich tradition dating back to the late 1920’s. The hall services the local community of Alderley Edge by hosting an annual music festival which rates highly as one of the best in the country. The hall is well managed with clean restrooms and a very pleasant gentleman who welcomed me when I arrived to setup.