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"You were amazing, not only did you manage to keep 35 children happy, you even entertained their brothers and sisters and their Mums and Dads. Your energy and manner was delightful. The day was excellent thanks to you !!  Skye can't wait till next year!!" - Skye's Mum

Children's entertainment options

Choose the children's entertainment that best suits your party needs and the age of your guests.

Magic shows range from 50-minutes of non-stop magic and mystery, to full 2 hour stress free party runners where the show is jam packed with magic tricks, music, comedy antics and a kids disco show. I

f you are looking for a children's entertainment package in Cheshire, Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool or anywhere in the Northwest, then Magic 4 Children is your ideal choice.

Magic and Disco 2 hr Stress-Free Party Package

children's entertainer for 4 to 6 year olds

Our experienced children's magicians run the show.

2 hours of stress and hassle-free partying at its best.

From the moment guests arrive until they leave, everyone will be entertained and engaged. We keep the entertainment flowing.

A full 2 hours of hilarity and engagement, every child gets to personally meet your party magician as they interact and make the magic work by doing the magic actions.

There is magic, games with prizes, musical disco activities, the award winning children's magicians magic show with surprises for helpers.

The children roll with laughter as they compete for cool prizes supplied by Magic 4 Children.

Click here for more information on our most popular 2 hour Stress Free Party Package.

Magic show for 4 to 6 year olds

Our magic shows for children aged 4 to 6 are designed to get the children involved so there is plenty of participation and taking part and tons of amazing magic tricks to ensure the children are fully entertained.

Your child is the star of the day and will help with the most important magic tricks of the show.

Best friends, brothers or sisters will also be involved in the magic show to make sure everyone gets to feel special.  For pricing and a full description of the most suitable package for the 4 - 6 year old age group, click the "Check Availability" button below.

Magic show for 6 to 8 year olds

Magic 4 Children’s childrens magicians work in Cheshire, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and anywhere in the Northwest.

Our magicians is all professionals, they are always on time and have never missed a show in over 25 years.

Music, stories, puppets, comedy antics and laughter combine with fantastic amazing magic make this childrens magicians show a winner.

"Laura had a ball. She said it was the best party she has had! Over the years I have had a few different entertainers but you were the best by far!" - Laura’s Mum (Warrington)

A fantastic magic show with a little extra mystery and magic to amaze and amuse, the 60 min childrens magician show is the perfect show for a birthday party celebration or any event where you wish children to feel special.

"I am overwhelmed by how amazing I thought your magic show was today. It was above and beyond my expectations and I cried with happiness when I looked at Ashton's face and saw how happy he was and how much he was enjoying the show."
- Ashton's Mum, Dad and sister (Manchester)

Birthday party entertainer Freddie Fantastic

As professional kids magicians we are part of Equity.

Looking for top a children's magician to make your party a success? Looking for a children's magician in Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester or Liverpool? 

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"What can I say! Absolutely fantastic show, Ruby loved it and asked today if we could do it again next week! The children just laughed and cheered all the way through. Thank you so much for a wonderful show, the party was a big success and you were very helpful throughout, your very useful running order and professional attitude made it much easier for me. I am very happy to recommend you and your party show, it was a reasonable cost and such value for money." - Ruby's Mum (Lymm, Cheshire)

Magic Maggie is a female childrens entertainer working at childrens birthday parties in Manchester

Party show for 3 year olds

Doodle, our lady kids entertainer specialises in entertaining younger children.

She does an age appropriate show for the very little ones.

The party show for 3 year olds is 50 minutes long and is designed to keep the children engaged for the whole time.

The show includes bubbles, interactive dancing activity, pass the parcel and a fun and colourful magic show with stories and bright props.

The birthday star is made to feel extra special from beginning to end.

 "You absolutely captivated all the children from start to finish.  Every photo we have shows them all spellbound. I can’t thank you enough and would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for an entertainer."  Daisy's Mum

Magic 4 Children supply top kids magicians in Cheshire, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and the Northwest.

doodle the lady entertainer at a 3rd birthday party