Halloween-Themed Half-Term Treats

Happy Half Term everyone! We hope that you and your families are well. There seem to be a lot of bugs going around at the moment and some of you may have poorly children at home, or children that are absolutely exhausted after their first half term back at school or nursery. We thought we would provide you with some ideas for how to fill your half term with fun activities that you can do at home. They don’t cost a lot of money, they don’t take much time to set up, and if your children need a restful week, they don’t require much energy either! 

We’ve structured them in a weekly timetable, but you can decide for yourselves when to do them. 

Halloween ideas for kids




Magical Monday

Learn a magic trick to perform for family and friends. Use the website link provided to watch how to perform a variety of simple magic tricks. But, sshhhhhhh! Don’t tell your friends how you did it!

Treat Tuesday

Everyone gets to choose a treat today! This could be something that you bake, using the website provided for recipe ideas, or here are some other ideas: 

  • Snuggle up on the sofa for a film of your choice 
  • Make a den and choose your favourite book to read in it
  • Have a Pamper Party with a Halloween theme - mash the flesh of half an avocado to make your own spooky green face mask! Leave it on your face for 15-20 mins and then rinse off. Make sure you take some scary photos!

Wicked Wednesday

Today you get to be Wicked Witches or Wizards. Using a large bowl or jar, make your own potion. Add to it things like bubble bath, food colouring, leaves or petals that you find on the ground during a walk (please don’t pick them if they are still attached to the plant/flower). Decide what your potion will do - write down the recipe and what will happen when someone drinks it (don’t actually drink it!). You could make a drinkable version using different flavours of squash and pieces of fruit.


Large jar or bowl, wooden spoon, other safe ingredients such as bubble bath, leaves, petals, glitter etc

Optional: orange/apple/blackcurrant/pineapple juice or dilute squash


Thankful Thursday

Thursdays are for being thankful. Today you have to show how thankful you are in 3 ways: 

  1. Phone someone in your family that you are thankful for. Tell them about your day so far. Ask them how they are. Finish the call by telling them that you are thankful for everything they do for you. 
  2. Make a card or poster for someone in your family or a friend. Write THANK YOU on it. Draw something on the card or poster that you know will make them smile. You may have to post it to them. Could you include a recent photo of your family? 
  3. Find 10 things around your house that you are thankful for. It might be your favourite toy, a game, your pet, a favourite food. Find 10 things and compare your 10 to 10 from someone else in your family. Challenge a friend to do the same.

Card, paper, colouring pens

Freaky Friday

Two sleeps until Halloween! On Freaky Friday, you have to create your own freaky Halloween costume. You have to use things that you already have at home. Use items from a dressing up box if you have one or your sibling/mum or dad’s wardrobe. Check out your recycling - is there any card or paper that you could use to make a mask? Do you have any old scarves or hats?

Everyone has to dress up and everyone has to then choose a song to put on while they walk the catwalk with their Freaky Outfit. The crazier the better!


You may need scissors and glue to create your mask. 

A phone or music player. 

The ability to let your hair down and lose your inhibitions - grown-ups too!

October Halloween Half Term Ideas

We write a new blog each month and would love to include information and guidance that helps you the most. So, if you have any requests or want advice or additional support for you or your child/children, please send us an email to bookings@magic4children.co.uk, and we’ll do our best to help. 

We’ll leave you with this thought for the day: 

Life can be very serious at times. It is very important that we teach and show children how to have fun, be silly and laugh at ourselves - these are life skills and are vital for maintaining good mental health. 

- The Magic 4 Children Team