Hilton Manchester Airport

Hilton Manchester Airport

Outwood Lane
M90 4WP
Hilton Manchester Airport


Despite this venue being a popular hotel, there were plenty of Parking spaces available. There is ample parking space both at the front and rear of the hotel, also, there was lots of security on site so you can leave your car with the added comfort that it will be safe. The only downfall is that Parking isn’t free. For this particular party it was, however i suspect that was because the Father of the Birthday child was the General manager of the Hilton Hotel!


The doors into the hotel are automatic so loading and unloading of any gear is not a struggle. Also, as this is a hotel next to an airport there are lots of trolly’s around to help you carry things in. The function room is located just past reception on the ground floor, so you don’t have very far to travel and there are no stairs to climb. There is a reception area in the lobby too, so if you require any help or directions, staff are on hand to help.


This location was ideal for a kids party. The function room was very large, at this particular party there were 40 children, but it could have easily fit in more. The acoustics were perfect meaning that I didn’t need to have my microphone turned up too loud for the children to hear me or to be heard over parents talking at the back. The kitchen was modern and clean and was right next to the party room and it also came with a team of caterers! This might not be something you want to pay extra for, but it’s ideal if you really do want the COMPLETE stress free party experience. Freddie Fantastic provided the games and entertainment and the staff of the Hilton Hotel provided the food, drink and clearing up. The parents were looked after just as well as the kids!


This really is an ideal location for a party, the space and amneties are clean, well kept, modern and spacious but what really sets this place apart is the fact that the staff at the Hilton Hotel are there to help, making your stress free party that little bit more relaxing.