Kids Birthday Party Guest List

Kids Birthday Party Guest List


Yeh! It’s nearly party time and the birthday star is brimming with excitement of having all his/her friends coming together to have fun and celebrate!

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You have sent the invites out (or are just about to) and parents are letting you know if their child will be attending or not… But before you know you have lost count of who’s coming, who might be and will let you know closer to the time and who can’t make it. You might end up with only a rough estimate of how many children will be attending the party…

Our FREE printable guest list provides a space to capture contact details of parents that may end up being a life saver… This can come in very handy if you had to move your party date due to bad weather or your party venue due to unforeseen circumstances (and they are handy for when you want to arrange that playdate in future :)…). As professional children’s entertainers we have encountered all of these scenarios.

We trust that the guest list will help you keep track of the number of guests you can expect on the day and don’t end up making far too many sandwiches for the party, leaving you with sandwiches for tea for the rest of the week after the party!

Download the guest list now and have a great party!

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