Kids Birthday Party Survival Kit

birthday party survival kit

Party survival kit

We have created a handy guide of all the obvious (and not so obvious) things you’ll need to take with when hosting your birthday party away from home.

This kids birthday party survival kit list is the result of doing hundreds of birthday parties and noting which things most people take (and which things are most often forgotten).

Planning carefully beforehand will ensure that your party runs smoothly and ultimately is an enjoyable day for you as well.

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Some other things to consider:

Balloons at the party

Balloons can pose a choking hazard for young children. It is also be a potentially danger for falling over and can frighten shyer children when they burst. Balloons are best used as decorations on the walls and kept out of reach of the kids. They will almost always just want to pop them!

If you have a kids entertainer coming to your party they will insist that balloons are removed if they are in reach of the children. Balloons are very disruptive during a performance. After all, you are paying someone to engage and entertain the children… if they are distracted with balloons, you may feel that your money wasn’t well spent.

Party bags or no party bags?

The answer is definitely YES  to party bags. Children have been conditioned to expect them and it acts as a ‘thank you’ for coming to the party. But you do not need to fill them with junk type items, and they also don’t need to be expensive. A take home craft that they have made at the party can double up as a party favour. Have a look at our party timeline for some ideas when running the party yourself. Another idea that some children’s entertainers may offer, are balloon animal sculpture give aways for all the children.

Why not plan your party decorations to end up as party give ways…? Helium balloons that serves as decoration during the party and are sent home with the guests when the party finishes saves you not only money, but also the hassle of getting rid of them when the party is over. A little bit of creative thinking can save you some money and may also be ultimately unique. Have a look at our budget tracker for some more tips.

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