Kids disco do’s and dont’s

Does a Kids disco work at a party?

There are many types of children’s entertainment that work really well at a party and having a kids disco can be a sure fire success. You may have visions in your mind of flashing lights, music pumping through the party venue and a group of smiling children enjoying the music and the party. Sadly, in reality, things can go horribly wrong.

Kids disco and magic party

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Let’s face it, we all love music and we all love to dance. I have noticed from the children’s discos that I run but even the tiny tots get involved and boogie along to the music. But children from the age of 6 to around nine are sometimes reluctant to let go and let the music take them. I think if we all look back we may remember the awkward disco where all the girls stood on one side looking at all the boys with nobody dancing and that’s a nightmare you definitely don’t want to book for your child’s party.

In order to see how we can create a successful kids disco, let’s first look at what does not work.

A cool DJ with a great lighting setup and a fantastic sound system with all the latest tunes beautifully mixed together may be a great hit in Ibetha or in a club but they would be unsuccessful as a DJ at a children’s birthday party. A DJ that specialises in working for grown-ups does not necessarily have the skills to work with children. The children may dance for one or two tunes but they soon lose interest and start running around wildly creating a destructive atmosphere and a health and safety nightmare it your party.

So let’s have a look at what does work.

I’ve been performing kids discos at birthday parties, schools and events for over 15 years professionally. I quickly learnt that just playing music is not enough to keep the children engaged and over the years I have developed a formula that is a sure fire success for any kids disco. I use my skills as a professional children’s entertainer to engage the children, I don’t stand behind a desk playing music I’m out there with the children interacting, encouraging them and having fun.
Magic 4 Children run a mobile kids disco in Cheshire. This is not a disco as we as adults may understand a disco; it is a show with choreographed movements, lighting and costume. The children take part in interactive, inclusive games set to tunes they love. There are competitions that create a competitive element but the show is structured in such a way that everybody is a winner. The children get to hear their favourite tunes but they are kept engaged playing interactive games, nobody’s ever out, so you never have a situation where a group of children set one side not taking part.
For a kids disco to be successful in needs to be presented by a DJ who understands kids. It needs to be interactive and engaging, fast moving, colourful and fun. Ideally, a kids disco should suit children from age 5 upwards and if the entertainer is experienced, they will be able to focus the type of entertainment to the age group. The ideal kids disco will offer something extra like a magic show so that there is a balance of entertainment at your child’s party. With correct planning and forethought, a kids disco can be a huge success and a memory in your family album for years to come.