Oh No! – The Most Common Things Forgotten at Birthday Parties

The day has arrived, the party is going swimmingly and you get to the part when everyone is going to sing "Happy Birthday" ..... Disaster! No matches to light the candles!

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This happens more often than you would think, so we've put together a list of the most common things forgotten at birthday parties so that you can be prepared.

1. Matches

As mentioned above, matches are the most common thing we see forgotten at birthday parties, but in some ways they are the most important thing to remember.  After all, you can't sing Happy Birthday without lit candles to blow out.

In years gone by, the likelihood was that someone would have a lighter about their person, but this seems to be less and less common.  Make sure matches are at the top of your birthday party list.

2. Candles

These are definitely number 2 on the list and are equally important. It's no good remembering the matches if you don't have the candles!

3. Cake Knife

birthday cake and candles

Don't forget the matches and candles!

This might not be an essential but it can certainly make life a lot easier when you have 20+ slices of cake to cut. Most hall kitchens will have limited and basic kitchen supplies, so taking your own cake knife can be a great time-saver.

4. Napkins or Kitchen Roll

Most parents remember to bring enough napkins for the table but may not then have enough to wrap the cake in.  Grab an extra pack or some kitchen roll to make sure the cake can be safely transported home.

5. Milk/Sugar

If you are planning on making tea and coffee for your guests, then make sure you bring the milk and sugar.  It is surprising how many parents forget this and have to make a mad dash to the local convenience store.

6. Tablecloths

Most parents remember to bring these but they usually don't have enough to cover the whole table.  The measurements sound huge when they are in the packet, but in reality they don't cover a huge area.

It can be much more cost-effective to buy a catering roll.  You will feel confident that you will have enough to cover all your tables, and they can actually work out very good value.  Shops like The Range often have them on sale at very low prices.

7. Pen and Paper

This can be really useful, especially if parents are dropping and leaving their children.  You can then just get them to write down their phone number so that you have all emergency contacts in one place.

8. Money

It can be easy to forget that suppliers like your entertainer or cake maker will need their balance paying on the day.  Make sure you know beforehand how they want you to settle up so that you avoid any embarrassment or frantic dashes to a cash machine mid-party.

There are of course many other things you will need for your children's party, so why not download our Birthday Party Planning Guide to make sure it all goes off without a hitch?