Spotlight on Doodle – Cheshire’s favourite children’s entertainer

Doodle is viewed by many as Manchester and Cheshire’s favourite children’s entertainer. She is regularly creating fun packed parties for children, so we thought we would find out a bit more about her and what she loves about being a children’s entertainer. She also shares some of her top tips for a stress-free children’s party.

A free colouring picture of Doodle for your child

How long have you been a children’s party entertainer?

I have been in the entertainment business since 2000. I started as a face painter, then moved onto activity parties. I invested in a few bouncy castles and before long I was running an entertainment agency and booking out magicians, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers for parties, events, carnivals in South Africa.

In 2007 I moved to the UK and Doodle was born. Together with Kelly the Magician, I developed party entertainment suitable for the English weather – a two-hour party runner that provides engaging and interactive birthday party entertainment for all the party guests from the moment they arrive at the party, to the moment they walk out the door at the end of the party.

What is your favourite thing about being a children’s party entertainer?

I love the children’s pure joy and happiness when they engage in the party games, magic show and dancing. They are completely honest with their enjoyment and submerge themselves totally in the activities – nothing like good clean fun.

What is your top tip for anyone holding a children’s birthday party?

Keep it simple!

I have been to literally thousands of birthday parties and the most successful ones have always been the ones where mums didn’t overcomplicate things. We as adults have this way of thinking that more is better when it comes to children’s enjoyment, when actually quite the opposite is true. Just think of the age-old “child playing with the box rather than the toy” scenario.

Book a good entertainment activity, put up a few balloons for decorations, use disposable tableware, and serve simple party food = successful party.
Keep your child’s birthday party simple. You don’t need to theme the whole party with expensive decorations, balloons, banners, balloons, etc. Kids hardly notice these things. You don’t need three different activities at your party. Kids can’t choose and end up switching from one to the other to the other, diluting the engagement and value of each activity on offer and confusing the children.

A free colouring picture of Doodle for your child

You don’t need tables groaning with food. A couple of simple sandwiches, a packet of crisps and a sweet and drink served in a party box or sandwich bag is more than enough. You are not serving a main meal. Kids don’t eat a lot and it saves a lot of money and wastage.

Book a good entertainment activity, put up a few balloons for decorations, use disposable tableware, and serve simple party food = successful party and it doesn’t break the bank.

Kids entertainer Doodle: Kids enjoying a laugh at Doodle's birthday party entertainment

What is the funniest/most memorable thing that happened whilst you were
entertaining at a party?

That’s a hard one. There are so many memorable moments at parties.

My all-time favourite though is when the littlies (3 and under) join in the dancing activities. They try to copy the bigger kids and jiggle about to the absolute delight of everyone at the party. Without fail, they always steal the show!

Another very endearing thing that happens every now and again at a party is when I ask the birthday star if they know a magic word and the reply is “Thank you” or “please.” That is just so sweet.

What is your favourite party game?

Comedy musical statues!

Kids just love playing musical statues, but I have put a spin on my musical statues that ensure no one is out – the joke is on me. This complete inclusion version ensures all the kids are engaged all the time. There is not a bunch of children that are “out” and effectively split from the group. My sole purpose is to ensure EVERYONE takes part all the time and have the best party experience ever.

What is your favourite party food?

CAKE! Do I need to say more?

When you are not entertaining at a children’s birthday party, how does Doodle like to

I like to do a whole bunch of things.

I like to garden, walk my dog, attend yoga classes, and run (which helps me keep up with 5- and 6-year-olds at parties every weekend!)

If you were not a kids party entertainer, what other job would you do?

It’s hard to imagine life without kids birthday parties… I guess I’d do something like run kids art classes or something fun like that. But it is hard to think of anything that is more fun than going to birthday parties every weekend.

Is there any famous person who you would like to entertain at their children’s 
birthday party?

Hmmm… I think I’d like to do a party for Adele’s little one. Or maybe Simon Cowell… In the Manchester and Cheshire areas, there are so many famous people living nearby, like the Coronation Street actors and Manchester United players, that it could happen at any time!

That being said, I am there for the birthday star – to make sure that they have the best, most memorable party of their lives. It doesn’t really matter to me who their mum or dad is. My aim is to make the birthday star’ s day the best day of their lives, the day that they will remember as the day when they were the celebrity.

Doodle: Kids entertainer

It is clear from this interview that Doodle loves her job and takes great pride in making sure your child’s party is full of joy from start to finish.  It is no wonder she is one of Manchester and Cheshire’s favourite children’s entertainers. If you would like to have Doodle at your child’s birthday party, please take a look at her party page on the website right here.