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The Magic of Mindfulness in Schools

Watch this short video to see a session in action:

The Magic of Mindfulness is a mindfulness and wellbeing programme that has been developed for and introduced to Key Stage 1 children in Primary Schools. The programme is an hour long and delivered to classes of up to 30 children at a time. The programme is aimed at children aged between 5-7 years old and its 4 core elements are helping children to:

  • Feel calmer and happier within themselves
  • Develop and improve their concentration and listening skills
  • Be kind towards themselves and develop a more positive inner voice
  • Create and sustain strong and healthy friendships

We achieve this through a combination of carefully planned and structured lesson plans which include a combination of games, exercises, magic tricks, puppetry, drawing and colouring in, group discussion and peer massage. We are currently delivering sessions to schools in West Yorkshire with our lead host Super Sophie (Sophie Edgar, an experienced primary school teacher and children's author with training in child psychology).

Mindfulness Workshop in Schools

As you will have seen from the short video above, The Magic of Mindfulness programme has been created for primary schools to equip children with the skills to stay calm, happy and healthy in ways that engage and excite them, allowing children to have better control of their emotions.

Our purpose at Magic 4 Children is simple, we set out to 'Have a positive impact on the life of every child we interact with'. Maintaining a healthy mindset and developing a positive inner voice is so vitally important but for some reason, we don't really teach young children or talk all that much about it until they're older and there is a 'need' to talk and learn about it. Why not prevent a problem from ever occurring in the first place and empower children with positive, growth mindset techniques and help them become aware of what they're feeling, why they maybe feel like that and, most importantly, how to overcome and improve their thoughts and feelings?

How do we do teach these techniques and explain mindfulness to children of this young age? Simple, we use a bit of M.A.G.I.C......






Education through Entertainment

Mindfulness in schools

"The Class Magic host was fantastic with all the children ensuring they all got the most out of their sessions."

 - Lauren, (Longmoor Primary School)

Designed to support children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2, we can work with classes of up to 30 children at a time. We currently offer the following four 1-hour workshops:

1. Magic Me: An introduction to mindfulness and how it can help children to be calmer and happier.

2. Magic Kindness: Teaches children how they can be kinder to themselves and others.

3. Magic Attention: We help children to focus and improve their attention in lessons.

4. Magic Friendships: Supporting children to recognise how to be a good friend and how to maintain healthy relationships.


The sessions can be delivered as a stand alone, one off session, you can book all 4 and have a 'Mindful Month' for your school. You could book all four sessions to be delivered in a single day or spread them out across a year. Whatever your preference, we will be of service to help your school create healthier and happier students in a way which best suits YOU!

Positive growth mindset in primary schools

"BIG BIG THANK YOU from all the children and teachers. We have had a great time with your 'Class Magic' programmes. The children are still talking about how much fun they had and they are now so excited to practice peer massage."

- A Stokes - Lacey Green Primary Academy, Cheshire

We would love to hear from you and answer ANY questions you may have about our exciting mindfulness programmes. If you would like some more information or you would like to book any sessions for your school, please email us at We are always happy to help and be of service in any way that we can.

See What Other Teachers Say:

"I really enjoyed the session, including taking part myself, and I know that the children absolutely loved it! It's lovely to have a quiet, calm time for the children and to teach them strategies that they can use any time they're feeling anxious"

 - Jackie, (St Thomas' Primary School)

"The children really enjoyed and participated in all of the games. It was amazing to see how engaged the children were."

-Emma (St Matthews Primary)

"Thank you so much for working with the children yesterday. They were gripped from the moment the programme started. All the children loved it."

- Miss Tyson (Riverbank Primary School, Lymm)

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