The Magic of Time: Providing Support for our Communities

We can all agree that there are lots of risks currently out there due to COVID-19. There is a risk to our health, our economy even our freedom is at stake! Small things that we previously may have taken for granted such as visiting a friend for a coffee in our local cafe, popping down to our local supermarket to get the weekly shop or heading to the gym to get a workout in before we head to the office, all of it is being gradually affected and taken away from us. Magic 4 Children have also been negatively affected and we are unfortunately receiving more and more cancellations and postponements of parties and school events. Sadly new enquiries for our 2-hour Birthday Party Packages have all but ground to a halt.


Children enjoying Freddie Fantastic's magicThe hardest part about receiving cancellations for us here at Magic 4 Children isn't the financial implications, the most painful thing to process is knowing that the children who are having birthdays will not be getting to celebrate them in the way that they were looking forward to. Think back for a moment to when you were a child, can you remember how much you looked forward to your party, how excited you were to play party games with your friends and dance the day away in a party disco that was being held in your honour? Can you remember how much you used to believe in magic and how overwhelmingly excited you would feel at the thought of getting up in front of all of your friends and making things disappear? We understand at Magic 4 Children that parents are also struggling with these cancellations, after all it is YOU who needs to break the sad news to your child that the party they have been looking forward to for weeks, perhaps even months is no longer happening. To a young child, this news is devastating and seeing our children in distress is equally upsetting. That is why we have put measures into place such as "FaceTime with Freddie Fantastic" to help during this difficult time.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world"

Like I have already said, times are tough for us all right now but here at Magic 4 Children we are always looking for ways to turn a negative into a positive. That is why as well as launching our "Magic of Mindfulness Online Interactive Programme" to help parents teach their children the benefits of a positive mindset and to improve their child's emotional well-being whilst schools are in lockdown we are also looking for ways to help and support our local communities AND honour the children who are missing out on their Birthday Parties. One positive thing that COVID-19 has given us all is the gift of time. Time away from the office, time with our children, time to do more and give back without having to worry about deadlines and our normal routines and responsibilities like running the kids to ballet classes and waiting on the side-line whilst they finish football practice. We have been given an opportunity to do more and and give back, at Magic 4 Children we are always looking for the opportunity to be better and do more.

What is "The Magic of Time" all about?                      For every Child that misses their party we will plant a tree in their honour!!!

That's right, we don't want your child's big day to go by unnoticed so for every cancellation and for every postponement we receive we will plant a tree and name it after the child who is either missing out or having to wait for their Birthday Party. The world is so focused on COVID-19 and the damage that it is causing to our social and economical way of life but that doesn't mean that all of the other issues we have to deal with in the world stop and get put on hold. Global warming is still an issue for us all and before COVID-19 came along it was high on the list of priorities for our world leaders to tackle and address. At Magic 4 Children we are using this TIME and this negative situation to do some good for our planet all the while honouring the children and families who rely on our services. The COVID-19 generation may not be able to look back on their 5th Birthday Parties in 30 years time with the happiest of memories, however through this new initiative from Magic 4 Children at least they can stand in front of a fully grown, beautiful tree and say to themselves "That was planted because of me". Life will one day return to normal, the world will keep spinning and thanks to your children and this new effort from Magic 4 Children the world will soon be a better, greener place.


The Magic of Time is the gift that keeps on giving

As well as pledging to plant a tree for every cancellation and postponement we receive the Magic 4 Children entertainers will also be using the time that they would have been spending delivering top-quality children's entertainment for children aged between 4-8 years old to give back and help support our local communities. Each entertainer here at Magic 4 Children is normally fully booked out, every weekend delivering up to 4x 2-hour parties spread across Saturday's and Sunday's. Now that schools and venues are going into lockdown we suddenly find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands. So we have decided to use that time positively, we aren't going to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves nor are we going to fester and wallow in self-pity. Instead, we will use some of the time we have now been given to give back to our local communities. Whilst we can't entertain your children due to the restrictions put in place by our Government we will go out on litter-picking walks and clean up the fields and playgrounds that your children like to play in. For each party we miss out on the Magic 4 Children team will head out for some fresh air with our litter-picking sticks and recyclable bin bags and we will collect litter and play our part in helping our local communities and your children live in a cleaner environment. It's the least we can do and it is a simple small act of kindness, but if we can inspire just one child and one family to do something similar with their time during this crisis and they then inspire more people themselves just think how much better off this planet will be once COVID-19 blows over. Imagine leaving your quarantined rooms and coming out of isolation to find a world that is in a better condition than how you left it, wouldn't that be a good magic trick?

Magic 4 Children are the Children's Entertainers who truly care

At Magic 4 Children we have always gone above and beyond to deliver children's entertainment of the highest standard. We truly care about your children having the BEST. PARTY. EVER. For every parent that hands over the responsibility of making sure that their child has a memorable day we feel enormously grateful and take that responsibility seriously. We don't just see ourselves as being in the "Children's entertainment business", we believe passionately that we are in the "Memory Making Business". Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 those memories are temporarily being put on hold but that will not stop us from doing all that we can to make children laugh on their birthdays with a little help from a "FaceTime with Freddie Fantastic" We will do all that we can to help parents educate and entertain their children with programmes like "The Magic of Books Online Interactive Reading Programme". And we will do our best to encourage and inspire communities to rally together and fight to turn this negative situation into a positive one and use "The Magic of Time" Community Outreach Project so that children all across the country can one day look up at a tree that is standing there in their honour and live on a cleaner more healthy planet.

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We are fully aware that times are tough for everyone right now, people all across the country are losing their jobs, businesses are going bust and the self-employed are finding themselves at a loss as they are no longer receiving an income and the support they are being offered is limited and restricted. That is why Magic 4 Children are offering all of our "Online Interactive Programme's" at no fixed price, we really do want to help in any and every way we can. With that being said our entertainers who fall into the "Self-employed" category are beginning to worry about putting food on their own tables and as Magic 4 Children are a small sole-trader business, like a lot of other people who currently find themselves in our position we are at risk of going bust. That is why we have set up a "gofundme" account and we are just asking for charitable donations for these online services. If you can spare any funds then all donations will be enormously appreciated and will be divided equally amongst all of the entertainers who choose to represent and work for Magic 4 Children. We have been entertaining children across the North-West of England for over 25-years and we would love to still be doing that 25-years on from now and with a little bit of help from our friends, you can help make that happen.

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