Magician Wand & Tricks Kit Give-Aways

Each guest takes the party magic home!
Magic wand kit that do 4 REAL MAGIC TRICKS!

At the end of the magic show, your child gets up to help with the big finale. They get presented with the very magic wand they used to do the magic throughout the show and they get to keep and take home.

The joy on their little faces is priceless!

This magic wand becomes the envy of all the other children at the party. Everyone wants to "have a go" with the magic wand. Cries ring out "can I have a magic wand too please?"

For this reason we developed a “Magician Wand Trick Kit” as an alternative to plain old party bag giveaways.

Magician Wand Trick Kits are delivered to your party by your entertainer.
You only pay for what you use.


Way cooler than traditional party bags! And cheaper too. 
The perfect giveaway for your party.

The kit contains a magic wand with full colour, illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to do 4 REAL magic tricks with their magic wand and it is personalised to the entertainer at your child's party.

The magic wand is relevant to the party as it formed an important part of the show. Take home wands make a nice memento.

Doodle Updated Wand Insert
Freddie Fantastic Updated Wand Insert
Magic Maggie Wand Insert
Magic Wand insert Back updated online version

Look at their faces

Doodle and happy birthday Girl
Kids entertainment for birthday parties
magic wand

What Other Mum's say

Freddie Fantastic was well FANTASTIC! My little boy has gone to bed after his best mate's birthday today with his magic wand which he got trying to do magic tricks saying 'Freddie Fantastic'. Highly recommended giveaways.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the entertainment you provided for Katie’s 6th birthday party on Saturday. She felt like a star and that was down to how you ran the show." Katie's Mum

"Ruth had a fantastic time. She was on a high when she got home and she won't let the "magic wand" you gave her out of her sight." - Jan and Les Spoore Tomkinson (Woolton)

Magic Maggie and Happy Birthday Girl


When you have confirmed your Magic 4 Children party, you will receive a wand kit order form included with your booking contract.

Your entertainer brings the wand kits along on the day and you only pay for the amount you need on the day.

Any questions, email