Where do I find a good children’s entertainer?

good childrens entertainerThere are a number of ways of finding a childrens entertainer each has its pro’s and con’s, you can try entertainment listing sites, entertainment agencies, individual websites, newspaper adverts, yellow pages adverts but the best way is always word of mouth as then you know what and who you are getting.

With listing sites, entertainers register and pay a fee to list their shows, this is an ideal way to find an entertainer but there is no guarantee of quality as anyone can list if they pay the listing fee so always be sure to check out the entertainer first.

Experience shows that by far the easiest way to find children’s entertainers is to look online, don’t use a general search like children’s entertainers as you will be bombarded with options not applicable to you for example an entertainer two hundred miles away. Try a more chiselled search including your area and the type of entertainment you require also remember that you are looking for children’s entertainers but very often the entertainer is advertising using the word children’s entertainer, not plural. Her is an example of some searches, I live in Warrington so I may search childrens entertainers Warrington Cheshire or childrens magicians Warrington Cheshire, the ‘s of childrens is deliberately left out as there are more hits for childrens than children’s, a handy tip.

You will be presented with a number of options, the paid for ads on the right and natural listings on the page, some of the natural listings may well be listing sites and agencies but there will be individual’s sites as well. Check a few out and get a feel by looking for feedback, pictures, pricing, check they have a show that fits your specific age requirement and check the areas that person works. Usually the entertainer will provide a form to fill in, fill this in with your details and let them get back to you, fill in a few and see what kind of response you get.

The entertainer should be CRB checked have liability insurance in place and have checkable references from other parents who have used the service. Feel free to speak to the entertainer on the phone and ask any questions relevant to your booking like what show do you suggest for my five year old. Once you have found someone you feel comfortable with make the booking and enjoy the day, if they are truly fantastic share the number with your friends as there is no better advertisement than word of mouth.